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Understanding that decisions increase risk impacts all.

Decisions are conclusions or resolutions reached after consideration. When something needs to be considered it is not transparent. When a decision is made when something isn’t transparent risk increases. With every decision it becomes less likely the aim will be achieved. How do decisions manifest themselves, what types of decision making are there? How will the approach of Decision Free Solutions avoid them?

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That decisions increase risk is not semantics, it is logic.

That decisions increase risk follows from the dictionary definition and use of logic. Few experience decisions in this way, for various obvious reasons. Many unsubstantiated choices are made based on experience or are educated guesses. We get a lot of decisions right. When the risk does occur, usually much later, we often fail to make the link with the decision. What is more, making decisions often makes us feel good. But the risk is still for real.

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Everybody can manage risk, only few can minimise it.

In every organisation there are both identified and unidentified risks. Unidentified risks occur e.g. when aims are not clearly understood, when it is unclear whether the right expertise is available, or used appropriately. All of which results in decision making. To manage identified risks is straightforward, to minimise risk you must avoid decision making. Which is what an expert does. But what does it take to become an expert?

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Decision Free Birthing empowers expectant women.

Decision Free Solutions is a generic approach. It can be applied in any field. As a demonstration of this Decision Free Birthing has been developed. DF Birthing is a method to empower expectant women to get the birthing experience they want. For this to happen today’s prevalent practices need to be changed. For example, a woman should not write her own birth plan, an expert should. Until the woman fully understands and approves it. Decision Free Birthing has been put in practice too.

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The alternative to decision making is transparency.

Decisions are conclusions or resolutions reached after consideration (the Oxford dictionary definition of ‘decision’). When something needs to be considered it means it is not transparent. Create transparency and what follows are not decisions but ‘the logical next step’. When something is transparent you don’t have to think. Transparency allows decisions to be replaced by approvals.

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Decision Free Solutions will save the world.

What if everyone, every organisation, will have his aim achieved? What if you are allowed to do what you excel at – as long as you can explain what you are going to do, and only have to tell them that all is going well, not having to share the details of what it is you are doing right now? What if expertise really matters –  always? What would politics be like? How if healthcare worked that way? Hard to imagine, but easy to start contributing to today. Let us explain how.

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